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Telltale Games: Back to the Future

Here again, because of the great demand some information about the Soiel. Mc Fly is back! I kind of grew up with these films – remember the third part in the cinema. Before the film there was a laser show – wao, we were thrilled. Now there is a new story in the form of […]

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XYplorer – 50% discount incl. Lifetime Licence!

Jörgen wrote to me that he almost read it over that there is a 50% discount promotion. Well then here again the hint! It's really totally easy: If you decide to purchase the Pro version by July 20th, you'll get it with a 50% discount and even as a "Lifetime Licence". This means that you […]

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Google Chrome Installation: You're great!

Actually, it's not a message and everyone should have seen it. But I just have to say that I think it's really great how well Google can motivate. I am someone who comes from sales and knows that you have to treat customers well, only then they come back because they are satisfied. And that's […]

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Stuxnet Worm – Stop Funny

In the past, one would have laughed if one had said that the computer could be monitored or manipulated by Trojans/a worm. One would be declared stupid if one had said that the (computer) "worms" over the net would force the computer to restart. Now… we have all become smarter and may have experienced it […]

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Android Printer – Samsung Mobile Print

Actually, I never thought about whether it is possible to print documents via Android. With the tablets, the whole thing looks very different. That's why I went to the Android Market and searched for "printer" and "Samsung" (Samsung W-Lan printer). And behold, promt "Samsung Mobile Print" found. Setup is totally easy: Install and start application. […]

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JV16 PowerTools from Macecraft – The all-round carefree package for registry and co. – With 60-day trial!

Registry Cleaner there are really many on the Internet, but I would like to introduce one to you (if you don't already know him). And I'll give you a little insight into the features that JV16 PowerTools from Macecraft offer. Initially, that must have felt felt 5-6 years ago, there was the software "RegSupreme" – […]

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Dropbox Encryption: Boxcryptor Update!

I'm totally on the cloud, everything I can move to the cloud (the network) I think is really good. I've already reported on Dropbox (2 GB for free), but also written about CX.COM (10 GB free). My only demand: encryption! And that's exactly what you can do with Boxcryptor (there was a competition before Christmas). […]

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Stevisana: Stevia chocolate – avoid /reduce sugar, just at Christmas a great thing

Some time ago I wrote about the stevia chocolate "without" or with "much less" sugar than conventional chocolate. At that time I tested the stevia chocolate from Stevisana (shop:, the article can be found here. Now I want to report on the current (I call it) Christmas chocolate, because it turned out really well […]

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Backify is -no longer – Livedrive reseller!

Wao, well, that's news – overnight. A few hours ago I reported that Backify will no longer offer free accounts or delete the free accounts in a few days. Now came the official confirmation from the direct provider Livedrive that Backify is NO more resseller, as there were more and more rebar because of the […]

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*UPDATE* – Mail Client for Windows: Mailbird

Well, you go! An email client for Windows, with very perfect Gmail integration, multi-accounts and more, called Mailbird. That is what my post today is all about. Let me briefly look at the most important features, the differences between the Free and Pro versions, the really cool tablet and desktop modes and how your Mailbird […]

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Book TIP: The 4-Hour Body – Timothy Ferris

Here I am with a book presentation. Today we are talking about the new book by Timothy Ferris, entitled "The 4-Hour Body". Now that his book "The 4-Hour Week" has become the absolute snarling, it now seems to be the same with his new book."The 4-Hour Body" is about health, weight loss, diet, fitness, muscle […]

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DVBViewer Pro – Watch TV on your computer, laptop & netbook and record, manage, play and more!

Today I come to a really good software, with which you can watch TV on the computer (notebook, desktop, netbook), but also on smartphone and tablet. The name of the software is "DVBViewer Pro" and this is the paid version. (without "Pro" it is a demo version that is limited in some features). I have […]

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