Actually, it's not a message and everyone should have seen it. But I just have to say that I think it's really great how well Google can motivate. I am someone who comes from sales and knows that you have to treat customers well, only then they come back because they are satisfied. And that's where Google (Chrome) does!

Google Chrome Installation - You're great!

Every time I install Google Chrome with a friend, I get the nice message shown (see above). "They're great!" ,… because I think that's great. Every time there is also an evergreen gag in it "Look, … You're great!" ;-) Yes, yes… already good – but it is well received by my acquaintances.

Who wants to do it again, who hasn't? If you don't already have it, you can also download and install Google's Chrome under this link. More information can also be found in the Google Chrome Blog,» where news is regularly written.