In the past, one would have laughed if one had said that the computer could be monitored or manipulated by Trojans/a worm. One would be declared stupid if one had said that the (computer) "worms" over the net would force the computer to restart. Now… we have all become smarter and may have experienced it first-hand or computer, what all Trojans/worm/malware has become technically possible.

And I also said it years ago that I suspect that it will not only stay with the home PCs and the business PCs (work). What topics are for (e.B.) Blackmailers/spies more interesting? Well, actually no matter … the larger the plants/companies, the more besser! An industrial plant is now larger and can also be controlled by a worm (Stuxnet). Of course not complete, but if e.B. basins are unintentionally flooded, locks go on randomly, … then, yes, you could get into trouble. This is exactly what the Stuxnet worm can do!

Symantec also reports that there was an incident where a worm allegedly increased the line pressure of an oil pipeline until that pipeline burst. At the moment, however, this worm only responds to certain manufacturer software. For more information, please contact Heise and information about the Stuxnet worm at Kaspersky.