Registry Cleaner there are really many on the Internet, but I would like to introduce one to you (if you don't already know him). And I'll give you a little insight into the features that JV16 PowerTools from Macecraft offer. Initially, that must have felt felt 5-6 years ago, there was the software "RegSupreme" – a software with which you could clean the registry. Later there was also a whole package of functions, which was then called the JV16 PowerTools. In the meantime there are only the PowerTools, which is of course logical, because this one has a huge selection of functions (some times mentioned here).


It starts with the RegCleaner with which you clean up the registry, then a Registry Compactor with which you can compress the registry (all empty values are removed and everything that inflates the registry). In the end, the amount of data is smaller and the computer takes less (CPU) time to read out values. In addition, there are the following functions, which in my opinion fit very well into the concept pure…

  • Clean & Fix my computer
  • Un-Installer + Cleaner
  • Speed up my computer
  • Autostart Manager
  • Hosts File (Immunizer)
  • Downloads-File Checker
  • Registry: Manager, Finder, Find & Replace, Cleaner, Compactor, Registry Information, Registry Monitor
  • File Tools: Finder, Recovery (!), Duplicate Finder, Mass Rename, Split/Merge Files
  • System Optimizer
  • History Cleaner
  • System Cleaner
  • Disk Wiper

In addition, the PowerTools offer a backup of the respective data before each operation. That is, if I clean the registry, then I can back up the entries (which will be deleted) beforehand. If a software does not start because these values are missing, I can replay the backup and everything is back as before.

Good has its price (okay, open source usually doesn't cost and is still good) and so it starts at 29.95 dollars, depending on how many licenses you need. If you have so much small money in your pocket, you can buy the VIP Package for an additional $39.95 and then have an online storage for your license, premium support and software updates for life.

If you want to test first (you can use your e-mail address, but don't have to specify it!), you get an extremely sophisticated trial license for 60 days right from installation!