Some time ago I wrote about the stevia chocolate "without" or with "much less" sugar than conventional chocolate. At that time I tested the stevia chocolate from Stevisana (shop:, the article can be found here. Now I want to report on the current (I call it) Christmas chocolate, because it turned out really well – my compliment goes to Mrs. Simmons, who swings the cooking spoon for us. No, not quite ;-) … but she is the woman behind the great idea. (If you want to know more about Stevia, you can read my article about Stevia "Stevia — Sweeter than Sugar! Finally a worthy replacement.")

Chocolate » Precious Chocolate » New: Stevisana Stevia Delicate Orange Chocolate 99%, 60g

The "Dark Rice Milk Apple-Cinnamon" chocolate (with stevia) actually tastes exactly as you imagine: "Like Christmas". Apple and cinnamon fit together very well either way and it harmonizes very well with the rice milk and is delicate-melting. It should not be uncommon, after you have the first piece in your mouth, that you automatically react with a "Hmmmmm…" – was at least with me.

And the "tender orange" (with stevia) was such a case where I thought: "99% cocoa? Hopefully my tongue doesn't pull together" … I was absolutely wrong! I don't know if it's because of the high-quality cocoa or the stevia or both that it doesn't even taste nearly bitter, as you already know it from the 75% 08/15 chocolate from the department store. An absolute connoisseur's chocolate for Christmas!

Conclusion: Stevisana has, in my opinion, once again surpassed itself. The "Dark Rice Milk Apple Cinnamon" chocolate is, in taste, a trip to the winter wonderland. And the "tender orange" chocolate is (also) something for the Christmas chocolate connoisseur and connoisseur.