Wao, well, that's news – overnight. A few hours ago I reported that Backify will no longer offer free accounts or delete the free accounts in a few days. Now came the official confirmation from the direct provider Livedrive that Backify is NO more resseller, as there were more and more rebar because of the credit card bills!

[…]We would also like to advise you that we have received a number of complaints about BACKIFY.COM from their customers and from industry organizations. We would like to advise you not to provide any credit card information to BACKIFY.COM. If you have provided credit card information to BACKIFY.COM then we would suggest contacting your card provider and informing them that your card may be used fraudulently. If BACKIFY.COM have charged your card for services not provided you should contact your card provider and ask them to initiate a chargeback procedure.[…]

You should also de-install the software and undo unauthorized debits from the credit card institute (as described in the original above). It sounds to me as if some things have gone wrong. But what I don't understand is the fact that Backify has made the complete reseller program. So own label and so on. So why go down such a path? There are other ways to rip people off – somehow I can't believe it. But you just can't look people in the head.