Well, you go! An email client for Windows, with very perfect Gmail integration, multi-accounts and more, called Mailbird. That is what my post today is all about. Let me briefly look at the most important features, the differences between the Free and Pro versions, the really cool tablet and desktop modes and how your Mailbird Pro can get off completely.

Source: https://www.getmailbird.c

I have to admit that to this day I have mainly edited my mails via webmail, because I never wanted to bind myself to a computer software. Like most, I use GMail and like the features "mark as spam", "delayed send", "important message" and much more. But in no mail software (for Windows) I found exactly these functions – I found that a bit annoying.

And a few days ago, rather by chance, I stumbled across the software for Windows "Mailbird" – thought that it was a web interface, because the design just looks "too good" and is "touch" optimized, so that you can work on a tablet or convertible without any problems.

Also nice is the integration of Google Calendar, WhatsApp and other plugins, which is conveniently displayed in a third column. If you have more than one mail account, you can use the common inbox and save yourself switching back and forth with multiple accounts.

Source: https://www.getmailbi

You can download the software here and get the Pro version to test for 3 days. After that, the Lite version activates, you can only use one account and it activates advertising.

But you can get Mailbird for free in two ways:

  • By advertising 5 friends (they need to install Mailbird)
  • Points to Mailbird on social media and you can get up to 99% off the purchase price.

For all those who choose Mailbird and want to buy it, here are the prices:

  • Free – Lite Version: 0.00 €
  • Per version – Monthly: 0.99 € /Mon.
  • Per – Lifetime: 49,00 € (once)

For those who are looking for a mail client for Windows, like working in tablet mode or standard desktop mode, like a dreamlike design, need the standard functions of GMail available in the client, want to have themes for design and love clear design/mail settings … I highly recommend Mailbird to them. The download and installation, including setting up the first mail account (via Google Auth) took me on average less than 5 minutes. That's why I save myself the detailed listing of all functions. I can only say that everything is needed – for private and business use.

I am absolutely enthusiastic about Mailbird (which you can definitely read here), but in my opinion this client has a lot of potetial, has a nice design, just the right number of settings and can convince me in all points (which are important for me). Full score – keep it up!