Here I am with a book presentation. Today we are talking about the new book by Timothy Ferris, entitled "The 4-Hour Body". Now that his book "The 4-Hour Week" has become the absolute snarling, it now seems to be the same with his new book."The 4-Hour Body" is about health, weight loss, diet, fitness, muscle building and a few other topics (all of which somehow belong together).

Why am I present the book here? Because a lot of data and justifications (incl. scientific findings) are entirely in my own way. I haven't had this book for a long time, but I've seen very good successes. Why am I sure it will work (or will work)? Quite simply: I made a lot of points that I read there and i succeeded with them. ( meanwhile: 7 kg in 5 weeks, I find a good performance).

The 4-hour body: Fitter - healthier - more attractive - Achieve maximum with minimal effort

You have to admit, the guy (Timothy Ferris) is absolutely banged up and a lot of the book is typical American. He has had data and facts, scientific analysis and health checks done for about 10 years. These regular evaluations have shown him which training and which food, what effects on the body, health and muscles have. That's pretty crazy, actually almost crazy, idiotic … But you just have to come up with it and endure such analyses (etc.) for a long time.

With this book you have a big advantage: you don't have to do all the crazy stuff yourself. Many of the things Ferris mentions are simply paradoxical! If you let this knowledge melt on your tongue or seep into the brain, parallels build up and after a certain time the "Ahaa" effect begins! After that, it's just absolutely logical. Not because Ferris is funnels us in, simply because it is! Very few people (including me) have such an abstract thinking – just think around the corner!

Timothy Ferris says:

  • It is not necessary to go to the gym for hours several times a week
  • If you eat selected foods, you can eat as much of it as you want
  • Calories are not equal to calories
  • Once a week you can "sin"
  • Etc.

For some it may sound strange, but quite, very roughly I thought in this direction as well. And I never thought I'd be able to eat enough on a diet! Breakfast, lunch snack, lunch, dinner. You can blow in as long as you stick to the prescribed foods and in turn leave certain completely away – at least 6 days a week.

On 7. Day you can cut in and stuff yourself as much as you want. It doesn't matter! I experienced it myself. Normally I am 2-6 kilos heavier after a BK or MD visit, about the next day! More water in the body, bloated, etc. I don't have that now!

But it's not all that simple – but no one promised that, according to Ferris. There is no diet where we grin stupidly, armed with a burger, walk around and don't gain a gram. There are certain conditions, which must be adhered to. The rest, then comes by itself.So if you are looking for a new way to lose weight more motivated, faster and healthier, I think the book and method by Timothy Ferris is just right!

The book is available as a traditional way, made of paper and for those with an Amazon Kindle also as an e-book (Kindle Edition). What you decide is up to you. Personally, I bought it as an e-book on Amazon – costs a few euros less and can be searched for terms.

Again, I have to point out that before any diet, especially if you are a bit plush, you should always talk to your GP. Briefly explain how the diet should work and what you plan to do. He can tell you if it's okay or whether certain practices are personally counterproductive or harmful to you.

So: Before a diet, first have the doctor checked and let it be confirmed that the diet is good for you!