At the latest when it gets warm, most people think that it couldn't hurt to shrink the ramp. I'm no different – but wouldn't call it a ramp, rather a raccoon belly. This year I started earlier and like a wink of heaven, I came across "Noom Weight Loss". The software forge WorkSmart Labs has finally created an all-in-one tool after a few other applications.

What can it do and what good it is for me, many will probably think now. Simple: It is divided into 3 functions that are connected to each other. On the one hand I have the possibility to write my weight in the logbook (automatically it also goes with a Withings scale), then the change in weight is displayed, the calories consumed, how much still needs to go down, etc.

By the way: The mentioned scale (with W-Lan!) from Withings, I presented here last year. If you want to take a look at the product test, you can read everything here again. Not quite cheap, but is definitely worth it!

Then there is the possibility to enter everything you eat throughout the day. But don't worry, you don't become a calorie counter. It's an alternative way to count the calories consumed! You give everything in ratios and in sizes such as "a handful", "one glass", "half a glass" and so on. Too inaccurate? You can say, but it works! I tested it myself for almost 2 weeks.

I calculated everything I ate according to the calorie list and then entered comparatively with Noom. Difference: With Noom, it took me 15-30 seconds to enter a lunch, and when it was calorie counting, I sat for 5 minutes. I didn't have a buck on that. And how accurate were the values? Pretty accurate! By hand, a breakfast had 450 calories .B, while Noom had 500 calories. That is, even if it is a bit inaccurate, as it calculates a little more, sometimes a little less, everything balances out.

And last but not least, comes the fitness module. Because the best balanced diet means nothing if you don't move. Note: You decrease when you burn more calories than you eat. And with the module there is a workout tracker. For example, you select "Walking" or "Jogging" as a sport, then you click start. Various values are read out via GPS, such as: speed, meters/kilometers run, duration of the workout, calories burned (of course, this has nothing to do with the GPS), etc.

The entire workout is displayed on a Googlemaps map, with the route marked in red. Also motivating is the voice that tells you the current data (kilometers, speed, calories burned) during the workout. It's paired with an internal music player that offers a bit of entertainment. The voice is then displayed again and again in between (as you know it from the navi in the car).

This and many other data are stored and then taken into the fitness history. You have a good overview of added calories as well as calories burned. So everything is in view and you can start right away! Look at the program, it's for everyone who wants to do something for your health. You get the whole thing for nullum, for free! If you want to have the professional workout trainer, you have to order the addon – but for that you have to be really active in order to be able to take advantage of the advantages.