What a surprise, Amazon is releasing a new Kindle. In my opinion, this is not another new model, but an entry-level device. It's lighter, smaller and can't do everything the Kindle 3 (e.B.) can do.

Music can't be heard with the new Kindle, so there's no headphone jack and no speakers. The internal memory has been reduced to 2 GB, but this should be enough for the Kindle beginner for book sizes of up to 7-8 MB. In addition, all purchased books are always available in the Amazon Cloud, so even if you delete the books from the Kindle, you can download them to the Kindle at any time.

In terms of price, something has also happened. The Kindle 3 WiFi has become cheaper, it's now available for €119, the Kindle 3 3G now costs €159, and the new Kindle costs €99 incl. shipping costs for all beginners.