Often you read the Google Maps & StreetView bad, evil are … But I still found a way to do good with Google Maps & StreetView! And that's the Martin from Tagseoblog.de took the trouble and conjured up a short trip through Paris with Google StreetView! So "short" means really short and that is 2 minutes …

Google Maps & StreetView: The map of the driver?
Since The Google Maps & StreeView has been available, there are now countless ways to process this data in some way. Some start a service where you simply enter a person's name and then see where the person is (possibly on vacation). Ideal for dark figures who would like to visit there and I don't think of Santa Claus, because he brings at least something (even if only a rod).
But it's not all as bad as the media wants to prove. Just yesterday I had a conversation with a buddy on Google StreetView. I mean, who cares if Google StreetView photographs the house!? I'm still a person who has Gardienen at home and also roller blinds – so where's the problem?