Do you know that? You install something and after that the whole box doesn't work that much anymore. Even after the de-installation, nothing lies anymore. Now I have heard about a solution: There is a tool from the manufacturer "Wondershare" called "Time Freeze". This tool does exactly what I've been using for a long time. You install a new software, something doesn't work as it should, then you start again and everything is back to the old.

The Time Freeze version 1.0 is practically "Free" (free), but just cut from the functions and version 2.0 is the paid version. Just not today! Today you get the full version from the manufacturer as a gift, free of charge, for lulu! Just go to the website from the manufacturer and click on Products and then "Time Freeze" (not on Time Freeze Free!!!). Then you can see directly the banner and the info that "Time Freeze 2.0" is available today for free.

For whom the software is interesting, you should hurry now! As I said, this promotion in which Time Freeze 2.0 is free is only valid for 24 hours – to be precise: From now on 20 hours!