Some people may have noticed by chance that there are other people who have the same surname. Often they are really distant relatives or at least there is a small contact historically. Not everyone has a family tree, usually for historical reasons, many data can no longer be reconstructed or simply no longer exist. is a website that aims to help those who have no way to find loved ones.

Basically, it works like this: you log in there and then enter all acquaintances or family structures. Of course, a lot of information will still be missing. If a relative with whom one has nothing to do now does exactly the same thing, connects diuese pedigrees and generates a full version of them.

That is, at some point, hopefully, you can see a big pedigree and make contact with the family again – if you want to (and not "shit kinship, as a sticker, stick to the car"). Privacy concerns? You enter first and last name – an info that is also in the phone book, date of birth also – okay … At the end of the day, you simply need to know how important it is to find a family and consider the benefits or risks.