I've often written about running apps that let you capture all your sports activities (live). Of course, you can also write down when you were jogging or running, where you were and how long. In combination with the smartphone and a suitable application, life is much easier. Most of the time, it's like saving electricity! You know that you can turn off the power strip and thus save power, the problem is that you just don't get it "regularly" on the chain.

The big test of running/jogging apps
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With a running app, you automate your sports diary and motivate yourself with the collected and processed data (kilometers run, calories burned, time spent per kilometer or distance). Since there are now more than one or two running apps (I once reported on Noom), I've tested some apps for you. The focus was on functions and costs, but also on hardware support (pulse knives or other hardware) and portal solutions.

In the next few days I will look at various running apps, test them live while jogging and then report on the respective application. Important points will be: functions, interface and operation, GPS reception, processing of the collected data, possibly a web version to view or edit your data comfortably on the PC or notebook, synchronization of data, live data view and share data among friends (possibly teamwork).

Do you have recommendations or have good experiences with a running app? Then just write me your report and I will publish it here. For comments and running apps, you can simply use the comment function in the post.