When Dropbox was on everyone's mouth, the topic of "encryption" came up immediately and whether you can trust basic encryption or not. I reported from BoxCryptor at the time and described how encryption works. The advantage of BoxCryptor was and is that there is also a user interface for Android that gives access to all encrypted data (for this you have to enter the same encryption password in the Android software as well as on the PC).


Now that we have another large cloud provider (Google Drive, Article 1, Article 2), I wondered if it would not be possible to connect to Google Drive, but with the same function as Dropbox. As if you had guessed it, there was also a BoxCryptor update for Android and in the changelog was that now also Google Drive is supported.

You don't have to re-incorporate, because setting up the encrypted storage space is the same as Dropbox. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find out if there's a way to access the encrypted Dropbox and also Google Drive. At the moment it is the case that you can link the software to either one or the other provider.

If you want to switch, you have to reset one provider (unlink) and then link the other again. A drop-down selection would certainly not be bad. But since it's a beta feature at the moment anyway, let's just wait and see how it will develop.