I looked at Livedrive's cloud (or online backup space). At Caschy there is a guest amount about Backify, which looks very similar to the livedrive. I took a close look at it and came across some interesting features that don't speak against Livedrive at the moment.

After registering on Beecloud.eu you will receive a confirmation email. You log in and then download the software and when you install you will find one or more folders that should be permanently secured. At that point, I wondered how often this happens. The default setting is set to 1 hour, but it's also real-time – well.

Sometimes some files are more important, so others. Therefore, you can set .B priorities and simply specify that you want to have text and table files backed up first and then audio or executable files first. Exactly the same, you can do with the bandwidth used – specify how much up or download capacity you want to give to the backup job and how many connections you want to use.

And what else can it do? It can android! You simply go to the Website of Livedrive and find the Android app there. (You're here with Android right now? Then you can click on this Android Market Link and come directly to The Livedrive Android Software) I just tested it and must say: It works! I can access my backed up data as normal and the data even comes pretty quickly.

It is indicated that with Livedrive (Beecloud is probably a reseller) the data on the servers is encrypted. So the files are sealed as soon as they touch the disks the provider. Of course, it is clear that the provider could somehow get the data – or I would never doubt that! It is now important that you also encrypt the connection, so you have to check in the settings (this is not a default setting).

And now you have the possibility to save specified order or simply with the "Right Mouse Button Backup" combination to add a folder directly into the Livedrive backup concept. If you want to access the data, you can do this quite comfortably via the web interface. But there is also software (besides the Livedrive desktop software), which allows you to make a kind of bulk download. This piece of software is specially made so that you can retrieve your data with a slide on the computer (for example, after a Windows new installation). You get the software after you have logged in. By the way: The Mac software has everything in one software package!

Conclusion: At the beginning I thought that Livedrive is again the X-te Cloud/Backup Space provider. That is not the case, in my opinion. The speed is very good, even on the mobile Android device, the software works and is reasonably mature. There is no block-by-block backup of the data, as with Dropbox, at the moment… may still change. What will become of the service and whether it will develop as stable as Dropbox, we will see over time. Giving away hundreds of gigs, not sacrificing quality and software development, is already a huge promise that Livedrive gives us. I am curious how the company will develop and positively surprised by this solution.