is a unique desktop program that provides all the necessary features for an optimal web experience. The program combines the latest global ad blocker for Windows, a complete privacy module, and a parental protection tool that works together in any browser or application.

AdGuard for Windows is not just another ad blocker, but a multi-purpose tool that combines all the necessary features for an optimal web experience. It blocks ads and dangerous websites, speeds up the loading of pages and protects your children when they are online.

  1. Blocks all ads: video ads (including YouTube video ads), rich media ads, unwanted pop-ups, advertisements, and text ads (including Facebook ads);
  2. Shorter loading time and reduced data consumption thanks to blocking of ads and pop-ups;
  3. Protects privacy
  4. Blocked many spyware, adware, and dialer installers.
  5. Protects against malware and phishing.

Ad blockingTh
e AdGuard ad filter blocks all ad types. Pop-ups, video ads, banners and the like – they will all disappear. Due to the inconspicuous background filtering and cosmetic processing, you will only see clean pages with the content you came for.

Secure search
protection against identity theft and dangerous websites as well as from malicious advertising. AdGuard checks each page in our malicious database and blocks requests from potentially dangerous ones.

Guard fights all escorts and analysis systems that you spy on. The program blocks third-party cookies, can hide your IP address and offers numerous other features to protect your personal data.

Parental prote
ctionAdGuard protects your children online. It blocks access to inappropriate websites, removes obscene material from search results, and provides parents with a customizable list of illegal websites to create the most secure web experience for their children.

Protect your dataToday
everyone on the Internet is trying to steal your data. AdGuard has a special module that prevents this.

Conclusion: To date, we have not come up with a better solution against advertising, which can easily remove YouTube advertising even without any problems.