Anyone who likes to listen to Internet radio knows WinAMP, Aimp & Co. The solutions are all about the possibility to have all ShoutCast stations listed or to look for a specific station. I'm still a freshman when it comes to Android, but what's better than Xiia Live, I haven't seen in the field of online radio and ShoutCast.

The design of Xiia is very modern, in black and blue tones and has an intuitive operation. If you then want to choose a radio station, it is made very easy. You have the possibility to use from the "Top Hits" list or you can look into the genres and choose one there. There is a list of favorites and also a history, where you can fall back on recently heard stations. And if you are looking for something concrete, then you go on "search" and look at the results.

For all those who like to listen to Internet radio, Xiia Live is my recommendation. There is a Lite version in the Android Market, which then has advertising, but would have to work just as well as the full version. If you don't want to see the advertising and want to help the programmers, you can get the full version for 3,99 $ … how much is that then!? I would say just under 3 euros. For such an ingenious tool, which is so mature and how butter goes, the few toads are worth it!