Updated: In the old DOS days, you could either hack your fingers or use the Norton Commander – you remember? (On Linux there is the Midnight Commander, reminds me strongly of the NC) But in the Windows times, there is no more room for the good old NC. But that does not mean that there is not a worthy successor!

Source: https://www.xyplorer.com/

I downloaded the XYplorer from Donald Lessau and tried to work with it. What shall I say!? Right away I was able to work productively with it and I was able to use most of the functions immediately. You have the possibility to test the software for 30 days for free and then you have to register. Already after a short time, since I didn't need 30 days, I saw that this piece of software is just awesome (not only because you can use it portablely! ).

I list what XYplorer can do and always give a short explanation and what to use this function.

  • Tabbed Browsing
    What we have been doing in the browser for a long time, we can also do at XYplorer. I have a tab for the destination directory, a tab for the source directory. If I work in several folders at the same time, I save myself the infinite clicks.
  • Address Bar
    Not only for URLs, but also for search commands, filters for files (e.B. only show .jpg files, etc.)
  • Catalog
    The most used folders come into a catalog, then you can change them quickly, with one click – awesome!
  • Info Panel
    You can permanently display the information of the selected file/drive in a part of the window – no more right clicks necessary
  • Find Files
    Search functions are from yesterday, with XYplorer there is the find function. Quickly find all the files you need
  • Configurable Toolbar
    People, this feature is the dream! No matter what useful function you need, you can pack almost anything into the toolbar and has its most important functions just one click away. Decide for yourself what the buttons look like and what happens when you activate them!
  • Multi-Level Undo/Redo
    A wrong click and the whining is great. Where did I now move my 324 holiday photos!? Can happen, we're all just human beings. With the Undo function, one can make what happened unheard of. Not only 1x, 2x, 3x, … 5x, 6x … many times! (and also back again – with redo!)
  • Background Processing
    At last someone thought along! Now I can run large copy jobs or renames in the background. Until now, I always had to wait until the progress bar was gone … now everything is running in the background.
  • Queued File Operations
    We have just learned the advantage of "background processing". What if you have multiple orders? Then it often makes sense to put the jobs in a queue … and that's exactly what XYplorer offers!
  • Mini Tree
    Everyone knows the tree view. But if the file system continues to become entrenched, it can become confusing. "Min Tree" only shows these paths that I've used before! If I need a new path, I click on that[+] and it all will open again. (I don't have to do that next time)
  • Tag-Based Management
    I got a short explanation from Donald Lessau (programmer) about it, which I like to quote here: […]Quote: You don't need patterns! Completely different files can be grouped together via labels, regardless of any systematic similarity. And tagging works as you know it from the web: you can miss any file any number of tags, and then search for it later e.g. This can be done quickly across the entire computer, as the search does not scour the hard drive(s) but only the tags database. So an indexed search. 
  • Batch Rename
    How I hate it when I have many files and they need to be renamed. My holiday photos! For example, I sort "beach", "sights", "events", etc., but then I want to have everything clearly numbered again. Maybe also renamed and numbered. This is not possible by hand! XYplorer has all this in its "Batch Rename".
  • Scripting
    Absolutely ingenious function! There are things you do over and over again. That's what scripting is all about. With a relatively simple syntax, the user creates his own script, which then takes all the work away from him. (I've also seen ready-made scripts several times on the Internet!) What, for example, can be done:
    – Create the contents of the just opened folder as a complete HTML file (completely formatted) with one click
    – Convert all umlauts to files with one click
    – Integration of TeraCopy!
    –  … and everything else that comes to mind!
  • Portable
    You don't want to install? Well then XYplorer uses portable. And even then you can assign file endlets to work with XYplorer as if it is installed!

… much, much, more … Read the complete feature list here!

That's a lot of features – how much does it cost? It starts at 29,95€ and if you are fast, you can still take the offer with you (50% discount!).

The home version has a few functions less (just read this here – since I don't know when you're going to read this post, the author's website is always up-to-date), the Pro version has e.B. the Pro features like: Catalog, Custom Toolbar Buttons, Backup Function, etc.

Attention – Access now fast: The Lifetime Licence Pro with 50% discount is available for about 1 day!!! If you like XYplorer, then now is the opportunity to strike – then you have peace! (lifetime!)

Opinion & Conclusion: XYplorer is a sleek yet powerful tool for everyday use. Instead of using many small, independent tools, XYplorer simply drives better. Everything is integrated and runs absolutely smoothly. The functions leave nothing to be desired – the unusual can be extended with the Scripting Engine itself. If you are not an ace in scripting, you can search for ready-made scripts on the Internet. I make a clear recommendation for XYplorer.

Thanks go to Donald Lessau, the programmer of the software, who has been actively developing XYplorer (further) in Cologne since 1997. Thank you for your cooperative cooperation, without which my test would not have become so detailed!