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JV16 PowerTools from Macecraft – The all-round carefree package for registry and co. – With 60-day trial!

Registry Cleaner there are really many on the Internet, but I would like to introduce one to you (if you don't already know him). And I'll give you a little insight into the features that JV16 PowerTools from Macecraft offer. Initially, that must have felt felt 5-6 years ago, there was the software "RegSupreme" – […]

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Stevisana: Stevia chocolate – avoid /reduce sugar, just at Christmas a great thing

Some time ago I wrote about the stevia chocolate "without" or with "much less" sugar than conventional chocolate. At that time I tested the stevia chocolate from Stevisana (shop:, the article can be found here. Now I want to report on the current (I call it) Christmas chocolate, because it turned out really well […]

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*UPDATE* – Mail Client for Windows: Mailbird

Well, you go! An email client for Windows, with very perfect Gmail integration, multi-accounts and more, called Mailbird. That is what my post today is all about. Let me briefly look at the most important features, the differences between the Free and Pro versions, the really cool tablet and desktop modes and how your Mailbird […]

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DVBViewer Pro – Watch TV on your computer, laptop & netbook and record, manage, play and more!

Today I come to a really good software, with which you can watch TV on the computer (notebook, desktop, netbook), but also on smartphone and tablet. The name of the software is "DVBViewer Pro" and this is the paid version. (without "Pro" it is a demo version that is limited in some features). I have […]

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Health – Stevia chocolate without sugar!

A few days ago I wrote about the 100% sugar seed "Stevia", in this article you can read everything again, if you are not yet so fit in the topic "Stevia – The Sugar Alternative".Stevia is a plant called "Stevia rebaudina". It is also called sweet or honey weed and belongs to the genus of […]

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VPN Provider – What does KillSwitch mean

You read it again and again, that a VPN provider now also has a software that has a "kill switch". But what is actually this kill switch and what does it and especially how. First of all, there is the problem with a VPN that it is gone when the connection breaks. Actually logical. Just […]

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Fancy a short break in Paris?

Often you read the Google Maps & StreetView bad, evil are … But I still found a way to do good with Google Maps & StreetView! And that's the Martin from took the trouble and conjured up a short trip through Paris with Google StreetView! So "short" means really short and that is 2 […]

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Secure Windows Remotes Desktop with RdpGuard

How a computer is used, of course, always depends on what the user wants to do and from where they need to be able to access it. For smaller and, of course, larger companies, the employee is often not provided with a computer, but a laptop with access to a remote desktop. This has the […]

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Today Only: Wondershare Time Freeze 2.0 – Free

Do you know that? You install something and after that the whole box doesn't work that much anymore. Even after the de-installation, nothing lies anymore. Now I have heard about a solution: There is a tool from the manufacturer "Wondershare" called "Time Freeze". This tool does exactly what I've been using for a long time. […]

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Fitbit Ultra – New feature: Daily, available calories are personalized (individually) calculated.

Since I have become a real Fitbit Ultra fan and have it with me every day, I am of course happy about every new feature. Depending on how much exercise I have, I have a certain number of calories available (i.e. for feeding). Accordingly, daily fitbit calculates live and foods eaten are taken into account. […]

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*Update* Boxcryptor for Android – From Dropbox Tool to Multi-Star.

When Dropbox was on everyone's mouth, the topic of "encryption" came up immediately and whether you can trust basic encryption or not. I reported from BoxCryptor at the time and described how encryption works. The advantage of BoxCryptor was and is that there is also a user interface for Android that gives access to all […]

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#1 AdBlocker "AdGuard" against banners, ads and even YouTube video ads!

AdGuard is a unique desktop program that provides all the necessary features for an optimal web experience. The program combines the latest global ad blocker for Windows, a complete privacy module, and a parental protection tool that works together in any browser or application. AdGuard for Windows is not just another ad blocker, but a […]

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