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Google+ with Google Apps – Account lockout possible

We were all hot on a Google+ account. The registration was not public and those who were registered there could invite friends. Everyone else could look into the tube. To use Google+, you must have a Gmail account and can then activate the service there. With your own email address you could not log in, […]

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Health – Stevia chocolate without sugar!

A few days ago I wrote about the 100% sugar seed "Stevia", in this article you can read everything again, if you are not yet so fit in the topic "Stevia – The Sugar Alternative".Stevia is a plant called "Stevia rebaudina". It is also called sweet or honey weed and belongs to the genus of […]

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Noom Weight Loss – Fit with Android

At the latest when it gets warm, most people think that it couldn't hurt to shrink the ramp. I'm no different – but wouldn't call it a ramp, rather a raccoon belly. This year I started earlier and like a wink of heaven, I came across "Noom Weight Loss". The software forge WorkSmart Labs has […]

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New Amazon Kindle – The Beginner's E-Book Reader

What a surprise, Amazon is releasing a new Kindle. In my opinion, this is not another new model, but an entry-level device. It's lighter, smaller and can't do everything the Kindle 3 (e.B.) can do. Music can't be heard with the new Kindle, so there's no headphone jack and no speakers. The internal memory has […]

read more – What is the weather like in … ?

There are enough weather pages on the Internet, usually they work according to the same principle. If you enter the postcode or the location, then the current weather is displayed. For some, there is a forecast several days in advance or just after the hour. also no longer offers, but in a really nice […]

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VPN Provider – What does KillSwitch mean

You read it again and again, that a VPN provider now also has a software that has a "kill switch". But what is actually this kill switch and what does it and especially how. First of all, there is the problem with a VPN that it is gone when the connection breaks. Actually logical. Just […]

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Fancy a short break in Paris?

Often you read the Google Maps & StreetView bad, evil are … But I still found a way to do good with Google Maps & StreetView! And that's the Martin from took the trouble and conjured up a short trip through Paris with Google StreetView! So "short" means really short and that is 2 […]

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Secure Windows Remotes Desktop with RdpGuard

How a computer is used, of course, always depends on what the user wants to do and from where they need to be able to access it. For smaller and, of course, larger companies, the employee is often not provided with a computer, but a laptop with access to a remote desktop. This has the […]

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Handy Start Menu – Aumomatic Start Menu Manager

I was always disturbed when the Start menu got bigger and bigger – which is logical if you install more and more. Surely you could have done something, but you know … You never do it. Now I stumbled across "The Handy Start Menu"! How does it work? Totally easy! After the quick installation, "The […]

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GWatchman – Googlemail Notifier

I read more and more often the user switch to the pure webmail, preferably to that of Googlemail. Email clients are a fine thing, you have the mails on your own computer – who wants, uses the whole with imap and also has the mails written at home at hand at all times. However, if […]

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Google Chrome: Remove header and footer when printing

For a long time, since the Firefox browser slowed down, I have been using Google's Chrome browser. It runs fast, the plugins are useful and available in large numbers. But I've found a point now, I don't know why I didn't come across it sooner, which I don't get along with. Now, if I want […]

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Today Only: Wondershare Time Freeze 2.0 – Free

Do you know that? You install something and after that the whole box doesn't work that much anymore. Even after the de-installation, nothing lies anymore. Now I have heard about a solution: There is a tool from the manufacturer "Wondershare" called "Time Freeze". This tool does exactly what I've been using for a long time. […]

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