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ImgBurn – Burn and create free images

A few days ago I set up a computer again in the circle of acquaintances and was then asked for a recommendation for a burning program. I have a favorite that I can suggest to everyone – ImgBurn. It is limited to the most important functions, as the name suggests, it makes or burns complete […]

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Geni Family Tree: Genealogy and Relatives

Some people may have noticed by chance that there are other people who have the same surname. Often they are really distant relatives or at least there is a small contact historically. Not everyone has a family tree, usually for historical reasons, many data can no longer be reconstructed or simply no longer exist. […]

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The big test of running/jogging apps

I've often written about running apps that let you capture all your sports activities (live). Of course, you can also write down when you were jogging or running, where you were and how long. In combination with the smartphone and a suitable application, life is much easier. Most of the time, it's like saving electricity! […]

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Fitbit Ultra – New feature: Daily, available calories are personalized (individually) calculated.

Since I have become a real Fitbit Ultra fan and have it with me every day, I am of course happy about every new feature. Depending on how much exercise I have, I have a certain number of calories available (i.e. for feeding). Accordingly, daily fitbit calculates live and foods eaten are taken into account. […]

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*Update* Boxcryptor for Android – From Dropbox Tool to Multi-Star.

When Dropbox was on everyone's mouth, the topic of "encryption" came up immediately and whether you can trust basic encryption or not. I reported from BoxCryptor at the time and described how encryption works. The advantage of BoxCryptor was and is that there is also a user interface for Android that gives access to all […]

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DroidStats – The Counter for Android

In my Windows Mobile time, I used to always look for a tool with which I can keep an eye on my SMS, minutes of business and traffic consumption. Well, I never found anything useful! But now that I've been Android(he), I've actually found "the" tool that fulfills all my wishes. It is the tool […]

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Livedrive – Cloud with 512 gigs: Like DropBox?

I looked at Livedrive's cloud (or online backup space). At Caschy there is a guest amount about Backify, which looks very similar to the livedrive. I took a close look at it and came across some interesting features that don't speak against Livedrive at the moment. After registering on you will receive a confirmation […]

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#1 AdBlocker "AdGuard" against banners, ads and even YouTube video ads!

AdGuard is a unique desktop program that provides all the necessary features for an optimal web experience. The program combines the latest global ad blocker for Windows, a complete privacy module, and a parental protection tool that works together in any browser or application. AdGuard for Windows is not just another ad blocker, but a […]

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Xiia Live – Shoutcast Radio on Android

Anyone who likes to listen to Internet radio knows WinAMP, Aimp & Co. The solutions are all about the possibility to have all ShoutCast stations listed or to look for a specific station. I'm still a freshman when it comes to Android, but what's better than Xiia Live, I haven't seen in the field of […]

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UPDATE: Instagram for Android

In a nutshell: For me, it's nothing, so such photo-share apps. But since many Droid users have been waiting for it because the egg-phone users have had this for so long, I just say that it is here (Instagram for Android). For those who don't know what Instagram is, I like to explain it in […]

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Automatically delete all Twitter messages

Maybe at first you think about why you should have all your messages deleted on Twitter. At first, I can't think of any field of application. But TwitWipe offers us to use this service for free and gives and even a few reasons why you should use this service. For example, if you give someone […]

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Meda MP3 Joiner – Multiple MP3 files to connect or convert one!

Anyone who owns a digital dictation device and uses it as often as I do may be familiar with this situation. The individual memos to be stored to individual files is good as long as they are on the digital dictation device. However, if I want to save the memos to a hard drive, then […]

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