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Review: #1 Software : Easeus Data Recovery Wizard – Data Easy Recover

EaseUs is an international software company founded in 2004. The company serves more than two million users worldwide, and the three main products include data recovery, backup and recovery, and disk management. EaseUS offers a strong set of data utilities that are both powerful enough to meet the needs of IT professionals and simple enough to be used for everyone else. During this review, we will examine the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

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XYplorer – The all-in-one file browser from Cologne

Updated: In the old DOS days, you could either hack your fingers or use the Norton Commander – you remember? (On Linux there is the Midnight Commander, reminds me strongly of the NC) But in the Windows times, there is no more room for the good old NC. But that does not mean that there […]

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Backify: Online Backup Cloud no longer free!

Well folks, a pity. Some time ago I got to know Backify and after a short time there is nothing left with free gigabytes for the backups. At that time I already thought that it couldn't go that way – you have to live on something. In this case, Backify is a reseller of Livedrive, […]

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